Wind turbine: how to ensure reliable operation

The wind turbine as a whole and its individual components work under rather severe operating conditions: frequent starts and stops, large temperature changes, huge loads, etc. In this regard, it is required to ensure reliable operation of all elements of the wind turbine, including the transmission.


A modern approach involves using several strategies and tactics to achieve this goal. They will be discussed below.


This strategy provides for the prevention of possible problems, not the fight against their consequences. Accident-free operation of wind turbines is achieved by replacing equipment, parts and oil before the period of their coming into disrepair or restoring the properties of these components of turbines.


For gear oil, GlobeCore has a special offer that consists in periodic gearbox oil filtration to remove mechanical impurities, water and gases. Due to thermovacuum drying and filtration, СMM plants allow to restore the operational properties of turbine oils and prolong their service life.


To properly implement preventive measures, techniques for monitoring and analyzing recurring events are used, and new procedures and methods are introduced to prevent unplanned downtime and interruptions in the generation of electricity.


This tactic includes both maintenance and preventive actions. Complex impact allows you to combine the advantages of each of the solutions and achieve trouble-free operation while reducing costs.


When choosing a supplier, it is advisable to take into account not only the price, but also what it offers at the stage of after-sales service. This statement applies equally to the nodes of the wind turbine, and to the oils of its transmission.


Competent application of each of the approaches will increase the reliability of work, minimize the number of technical services and downtime of wind turbines.